Hello there!

So, it's been a while since WoW.tools went read-only.

At some point during 2024/2025, I might put something different on this domain or let the domain expire entirely.
For the time being, the old read-only site is still accessible at old.wow.tools and will be until the server inevitably breaks or the domain expires in Feb 2025.

If you haven't already, check out the alternatives listed on the main page of the old site, linked in the bottom right.
A lot of the former WoW.tools functionality is available offline with WoW.tools.local and some functionality online at wago.tools, both also linked in the bottom right.

On a personal note, I'll still be around and am still doing/planning a few WoW related things, some of which I've talked about on Twitter or in the reflection doc, both linked below.

Thanks for sticking around, I'm excited for the future of WoW as well as my personal future, hopefully we'll keep in touch!

- Martin (Marlamin)

My Twitter → Reflection doc (Dec 2023) → Go to old.wow.tools → Get WoW.tools.local → Go to wago.tools →