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WoW.tools is a collection of several tools that interact with/display data from World of Warcraft. Please keep in mind these tools are meant for those with basic technical/datamining skills. For the basics on datamining, check out this Google doc.

Recent updates

Description Updates every 5 minutes, last updated 106 seconds ago 
[Website] Fix coordinates on fullsize maps not working2020-03-30 21:19:52
[Website] Temporarily disable modelviewer pagination styling2020-03-29 13:47:08
[Website] Add URL params/searching to monitor2020-03-28 13:19:17
[Website] Fix typo2020-03-22 19:04:31
[Website] Cache hotfix DBC row requests2020-03-22 13:05:20
[Database definitions] Merge defs for 17:09:50
[Website] Show item info on encrypted page2020-03-19 18:33:19
[Database definitions] Merge defs for 00:39:49
[Database definitions] Merge defs for 02:28:13
[Website] Make file details modal a bit more compact2020-03-17 22:39:31
[Website] Update footer.php2020-03-15 15:04:11
[Website] Omit commit author from frontpage to save space2020-03-15 15:01:33
[Website] Update frontpage2020-03-15 15:00:14
[Website] Simply git commit update script2020-03-15 14:53:42

Current WoW versions per branch

NameVersionBuild time (PT)
WoW Retail8.3.0.337752020-03-20 09:01:59
WoW PTR8.3.0.337752020-03-20 09:08:41
WoW Beta8.0.1.274812018-08-24 15:12:20
WoW Alpha9.0.1.33874Unknown
WoW SubmissionUnknownUnknown
WoW Vendor9.0.1.33819Unknown
WoW Event
WoW Event 2UnknownUnknown
WoW Event 13:35:21
WoW DemoUnknownUnknown
WoW Classic1.13.4.337282020-03-17 14:21:00
WoW Classic Beta1.13.2.316502019-08-23 10:19:27
WoW Vendor
WoW Classic PTR1.13.4.337282020-03-17 14:41:43

Latest filename additions

AmountUserSubmitted onStatus
5 filesStivenMarch 20approved
154 filesStivenMarch 19approved
69 filesmarlaminMarch 15approved
2 filesmarlaminFebruary 27approved
3 filesStivenFebruary 14approved
1 filesWainJanuary 17approved
19 filesStivenJanuary 16approved
2 filesStivenJanuary 14approved
3 filesDeamonJanuary 08approved
19 filesStivenJanuary 03approved
2 filesStivenJanuary 02declined
464 filesStivenJanuary 02approved
78 filesStivenDecember 30approved
89 filesStivenDecember 26approved