An update on the future of

Over the course of 2022, I'll slowly be deprecating and eventually removing features on In what order, how soon, etc is up to how much energy I need to put into keeping things working.
Some parts of the site might be around longer than others, on this page I'll start listing alternatives for both users and devs to use so the information you're after can still be retrieved. Am I missing something? Let me know in Discord!
New: May 2022 update (older: April 2022 update, March 2022 update)

Alternatives (for users)


CASCExplorer (all files)
CascView (all files)
wow.export (some files)


Deamon's viewer (maybe?)
WoW Model Viewer (M2 models)
wow.export (Basic M2/WMO models)
WoWDB (Creatures/Items)
Wowhead (Creatures/Items)

DBC table browser

WDBX Editor (possibly outdated)
Wowhead (ask them to make it public :D)

wow.export (in map export tab)
World of MapCraft (outdated)



World maps


Alternatives (for devs)

Database definitions

Will remain on GitHub, auto-updating needs to move

DBC reading

Erorus' DB2 reader (PHP)
LuaDBC (Lua)

DBC export API

DBC2CSV (DB2 to CSV, needs compile)

Builds API

BlizzTrack API
DIY: Ribbit

Cache data



I could (and might still) write up a full Patreon-style post on this, but there are many reasons (limited energy, mental health, life priorities, code quality, etc.) have made me come to the conclusion that instead of letting it wither and die, I'm ending the project on my own terms.

I am willing to put some time into making the transition as less annoying for people as possible, hence the above list of alternatives. If there's anything you are particularly worried about missing or want to help with/take over, let me know in Discord.

Disclaimer (don't panic, yet)

Knowing myself, if I get excited enough about this stuff to pick the project back up again or someone reaches out to do so, I might come back on these decisions, but until further notice this is the plan I wanted to announce well ahead of anything actually going away.
For now, don't panic (or celebrate too early). This isn't something that'll happen on the 1st of January, but as the year goes on and things break to the point where it's too much effort to fix/keep going.