An update on the future of

In December 2022, will be going (mostly) read-only. This means no new data will be added to the site and many features will lose the ability to use historical data, only being limited to the last build that was imported.
Some features will be affected before then, more information can be found in the latest update (linked below).
For questions/discussion/concerns about this subject you can find a link to the Discord (specifically the #site-future channel) in the October & August updates below.

New: November update
(older updates: October, August, May, April, March)

Below are alternatives (or planned alternatives) for both users and devs. Am I missing something? Let me know in Discord!

Alternatives (for users)


wow.export (all files)
CASCExplorer (all files)
CascView (all files)


Deamon's standalone viewer (planned)
WoW Model Viewer (M2 models)
wow.export (Basic M2/WMO models)
WoWDB (Creatures/Items)
Wowhead (Creatures/Items)

DBC browser (WIP)
wow.export (planned)

DBC exporting

(see November update for tutorial)


wow.export (in map export tab)
World of MapCraft (outdated)



Alternatives (for devs)

Database definitions

Will remain on GitHub, auto-updating needs to move

DBC reading

Erorus' DB2 reader (PHP)
LuaDBC (Lua)

DBC export API


Builds API

BlizzTrack API
DIY: Ribbit

Cache data


World maps



I could (and might still) write up a full post-mortem on this after this is all behind me, but know there's more than enough reason and thinking that have gone into this decision, most of the reasons are my fault alone while others not so much.
I am willing to put some time into making the transition as less annoying for people as possible, hence the above list of alternatives. If there's anything you are particularly worried about missing or want to help with/take over, let me know in Discord/on Twitter.