A complete rewrite of WoW Export Tools now available


The old exporter was hard to maintain and rather unstable when doing certain things (e.g, baking terrain textures). After being repeatedly frustrated by modifying things in that exporter, Kruithne set out to build a modern, more maintainable/future-proof and generally better alternative to the currently available version of WoW Export Tools.


Belvane made an excellent tutorial on how to install/use WoW.export!
Watch Tutorial


All the features you know and love from the old exporter are present, new features include:

  • New look based on
  • Built-in updater
  • Modelviewer with better controls
  • Better sound/music player

We feel that this version is now stable enough to stop supporting the old exporter. If you do find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker and/or Discord.

- When setting up, please use a NEW export folder rather than one you used for WoW Export Tools (or other tools) so that in the case of bugs, we're not getting mixed up data.
- Reinstall the Blender plugin if you have the previous version installed


First time installs only, the application has a built-in updater that notifies you when a new version is available.

Download v0.1.9


0.1.9 (13-01-2020)
- 'Enable Shared Textures' now exports textures to their full path, rather than a unified directory.
- Added a 'Use Absolute MTL Paths' option in settings for Cinema 4D users.
- Added a 'Copy File Directories' setting which makes CTRL + C only copy file directories.
- Fixed issue that prevented exported WMOs with empty groups.
- Fixed issue that prevented some files from being available in remote mode.
- Fixed issue in Blender plugin that slowed down imports significantly.
- Fixed issue in Blender plugin where it would crash on models without materials.
- Fixed issue that prevented duplicate WMOs with different doodad sets from exporting on the same ADT tile.
- Fixed issue where there would be extremely visible lines in terrain textures.
- Fixed issue with ADTs failing to export due to bad/missing doodads and/or WMOs.
- The 'Open Export Directory' link after exporting has been replaced with 'View in Explorer' which opens the directory of the last exported item.

0.1.8 (11-01-2020)
- NPC variant textures can now be selected/exported for creature models.
- Game clients are now checked for unknown models/textures (listed as 'unknown_xxx').
- Foliage doodads can now be exported along with map tiles in the map exporter.
- Global map WMOs can now be exported for maps that contain them (such as Stormwind Stockade).
- Regular expressions can now be used for filtering (disabled by default, turn on in settings).
- Maps that contain the same WMO with differing doodad sets will no longer conflict.
- Exported models will now use a shared texture directory, dramatically reducing disk space used (can be disabled in settings).
- WMO doodads are now exported to their own relative directory, reducing overall disk space used.
- ADT doodads/WMOs are now exported to their own relative directory, reducing overall disk space used.
- Added settings option to disable file overwriting. Improves export speed but may cause issues between game versions.
- Added 'Auto Camera' checkbox under model control to disable automatic camera repositioning.
- Added 'Changelog' button to the top-right navigation, which displays this changelog.
- Fixed issue with faces/normals being incorrect on exported ADT meshes.
- Fixed issue that caused WMO exports to error if you switched to another model during export.
- Fixed texture files for exported WMOs incorrectly having alpha channels (transparency).
- Fixed issue that prevented certain models (and thus some map tiles) from exporting.

0.1.7 (04-01-2020)
- Users will now be prompted when a new version of the Blender add-on is available.
- Automatic installation of the Blender add-on now supports alpha/beta versions of Blender.
- Listfile source can now be configured to point to local listfiles.
- Added fallback to cached listfile if recent listfile fails to download.
- Fixed an issue that prevented recent local installations from appearing on the source selection screen.
- Fixed holes in exported terrain being slightly offset.
- Fixed terrain material name conflicts in Blender by using a unique name per tile.

0.1.6 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed crash when exporting modern ADTs.
- Fixed incorrect ADT WMO Blender import rotations.
- Reduce download/update size by compressing loading animation.

0.1.5 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed incorrect WMO-only Blender import doodad rotations.

0.1.4 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented encryption keys from properly updating.
- Fixed issue that caused map exporter to freeze on certain clients.

0.1.3 (02-01-2020)
- Initial public beta.