A complete rewrite of WoW Export Tools by Kruithne


WoW.export is a remake of the old WoW OBJ Exporter. WoW.export can be used to export files from WoW to more generic file formats readable by other 3D applications so you can use them in machinima and other types of 3D fan art.


Supported features

  • Supports Retail & Classic versions.
  • Online support to use the tool without WoW installed.
  • Built-in modelviewer for basic previews.
  • OBJ exporting for WoW terrain & models.
  • Sound/music/cinematic exporting.
  • Blender plug-in to import with buildings/doodads.
  • Built-in updater.

Planned features

  • Character model support.
  • Shadowlands character customization.
  • glTF exports (as alternative to FBX).

Won't be supported

  • FBX exports (non-open proprietary format).

If you find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker and/or Discord.

- When setting up, please use a NEW export folder rather than one you used for WoW Export Tools (or other tools) so that in the case of bugs, we're not getting mixed up data.
- Reinstall the Blender plugin if you have the previous version installed


Belvane (who is the reason why the old exporter and by extension this one exist!) made a tutorial on how to install/use WoW.export as well as importing things into Blender. Watch here.


First time installs only, the application has a built-in updater that notifies you when a new version is available.

Download 0.1.40


0.1.40 (20-10-2021)
- Added vertex colour data to ADT export meta JSON.
- Added texture height scale/offset to alpha map meta exports.
- Fixed missing fileDataID column in CSV placement file for ADT exports.
- Fixed issue that caused missing data in merged alpha map exports.
- Fixed issue that prevented M2 .skel files from exporting in raw exports.
- Fixed issue that caused navigation issues from the Blender add-on screen.

0.1.39 (14-09-2021)
- Added option to export M2 bone data into a relative *_bones.json file.
- Added an `exportID` property to `EXPORT_` and `HOOK_EXPORT_COMPLETE` RCP messages.
- M2 models exported with a skin will now be named uniquely based on the selected skin.
- Fixed issue with texture ribbon being overwritten by M2 textures when viewing a WMO.

0.1.38 (13-09-2021)
- Implemented remote control protocol for advanced users.
- Regular expression matching is now case-insensitive.
- Fixed issue that prevented certain models from rendering while the texture ribbon is active.

0.1.37 (01-09-2021)
- Added texture ribbon to the 3D model viewer, allowing inspection of used textures.
- Added ability to copy item names/IDs to the clipboard from the item browser.
- Added ability to view items on Wowhead (external) from the item browser.
- Added button to open maps externally in (external) on the map viewer.
- Texture viewer will now export the previewed texture if no user selection has been made.
- Selecting textures/models for an item will now reset the respective filter.
- Consolidated option to view item models/textures into a context menu.
- Removed buttons to toggle sidebar visibility; sidebar is now always visible.
- Changed Discord links in the footer/crash screen to point to new support location.

0.1.36 (31-08-2021)
- Added `colors` property to M2 metadata containing color/alpha timelines for models.
- Added `textureWeights` property to M2 metadata containing global texture transparency timelines for models.
- Added `transparencyLookup` property to M2 metadata for texture unit mapping to transparency entries.
- Added `textureTransforms` property to M2 metadata defining texture animation timelines.
- Added `textureTransformsLookup` property to M2 metadata for texture transform lookups.
- Added `skin.fileName` and `skin.fileDataID` properties to M2 skin metadata.
- Added `boundingBox`, `boundingSphereRadius`, `collisionBox`, `collisionSphereRadius` properties to M2 metadata.
- Added `animFileIDs` property to M2 metadata mapping animation IDs to relative `.anim` files.
- Added option to export all associated raw `.anim` files with M2 models.
- Added option to export liquid (water, lava, etc) data for ADT tiles.

0.1.35 (30-08-2021)
- Fixed issue that caused invalid OBJ files to be produced for M2 collision geometry.
- Added `skin.subMeshes.enabled` property to M2 metadata, indicating which sub-meshes were exported.
- Added `groups.enabled` property to WMO metadata, indicating which WMO groups were exported.
- Added `textures.fileNameInternal` property to M2 metadata, mapping fileDataID to a listfile entry.
- Added `textures.fileNameExternal` property to M2 metadata, pointing to texture export location (relative to OBJ).
- Added `textures.mtlName` property to M2 metadata, linking to an entry in the MTL file.
- Added `textures` property array to WMO metadata, providing expanded texture mappings.
- Added 'Load Unknown Files' option to toggle loading of unknown files from DB2 tables.
- Added 'Load Model Skins' option to toggle loading of M2 skins for creatures and items.
- Unknown sound files are now listed with the `.unk_sound` extension rather than `.ogg`.
- Unknown sound files are now automatically type-detected on export and given the correct extension.

0.1.34 (24-08-2021)
- Added height textures to ADT alpha map exports, mapped in the metadata layer entries.
- Added effectID (GroundEffectTexture#ID) property to ADT alpha map layer metadata.
- Added advanced foliage meta data exporting (disabled by default).

0.1.33 (13-08-2021)
- Added support for unknown sound files, now listed as "unknown_xxx.ogg".
- Fixed issue that prevented unknown model/textures from appearing in the listfiles.

0.1.32 (28-06-2021)
- Added export/import support for additional UV layers in WMO objects.
- Added export support for additional vertex colour layers in WMO objects.
- Added BLP texture exports for raw WMO files.

0.1.31 (04-06-2021)
- Updated Blender add-on to support Blender version 2.93.
- Improved group names in WMO meta data exporting.
- Added option for POSIX-style path formatting in exported files.
- Added option for exporting linked .skel/.bone files with raw M2 exports.
- Added skeletonFileID/boneFileIDs fields to exported M2 metadata.
- Added export support for secondary/tertiary textures on WMO models.
- Fixed issue that prevented certain map tiles from preview/exporting.

0.1.30 (01-05-2021)
- Added 'Export Textures' option to sidebar to allow models to be exported without textures.
- Added fileDataID, fileName and internalName fields to exported M2 meta data.
- Added option to export raw WMO group files (when exporting raw WMO models).
- Added support for MWDS, allowing ADT-defined multi-group support on WMO models.
- Added a wireframe rendering mode to the 3D model preview for both M2 and WMO.
- Added model texture controls to the map exporter interface.
- Added product support for Classic TBC / PTR builds.
- Added portal information to exported WMO meta data.
- Added import controls to the Blender importer add-on.
- Replaced the 'Copy File Directories' setting with a 'Copy Mode' control, with a FileDataID option.
- Changed the default alpha mode to CHANNEL_PACKED in the Blender add-on.
- Fixed issue that caused incorrect nesting when imported with the Blender add-on.
- Fixed issue that caused ADT tiles with Alpha Maps to reference missing baked texture.
- Fixed issue that caused a crash when selecting an encrypted model with an unknown TACT key.
- Fixed issue that caused 'invalid installation' error message from not dismissing after retry.
- Fixed issue that caused missing alpha channels on ADT exports for some users.
- Fixed issue that caused invalid collision OBJ files to be exported.
- Fixed issue that caused WMO doodad sets to be incorrectly exported.

0.1.29 (29-03-2021)
- Added new 'Items' tab, allowing model/texture look-up of specific game items.
- Added ability to select multiple files for import with the Blender add-on.
- Added ability to toggle individual colour channels in the texture browser.
- Added option in Blender add-on to create vertex groups for submeshes.
- Added option in Blender add-on to bypass anti-duplication check for ADT imports.
- Added render flags and blending mode data to M2 meta data exports.
- Added texture types to M2 meta data exports.
- Fixed issue that prevented tiles with missing textures (such as Pandaria_20_20) from exporting.
- Fixed issue that caused exports to 'cancel' after closing the 'export successful' toast.
- Fixed issue that caused default doodad sets in WMOs to not export for ADT tiles.
- Fixed issue that caused OBJ models to export with unused/loose vertices.
- Fixed issue that caused skins to disappear when switching between item models.
- The 'successfully exported' toast will now remain visible until dismissed.

0.1.28 (12-03-2021)
- Added skin selection/export support for creatures/items.
- Added double-sided rendering to M2/WMO 3D previews.
- Added option to display/search file data IDs in listfiles.
- Improved skin naming to fit on screen.
- Improved default selected geosets for models.

0.1.27 (27-02-2021)
- Added option to export UV2 data for M2 models as non-standard OBJ property (disabled by default).
- Added texture information (name, dimensions, encoding) to the texture preview window.
- Added option to export meta data for BLP files (disabled by default).
- Added option to export meta data for WMO files (disabled by default).
- Added 'Use Alpha' option to the Blender add-on. If unchecked, alpha channel is disabled and unlinked in the shader.
- Added vertex colouring data into WMO meta data files.
- Renamed import menu option in Blender add-on from 'WoW OBJ (.obj) (experimental)' to 'WoW M2/WMO/ADT (.obj)'.
- Layer meta data for ADT alpha maps is now exported in JSON format.
- Textures for ADT alpha maps are now exported to their own relative path if 'Enabled Shared Textures' is enabled.
- Textures for ADT alpha maps now have resolved names from the listfile, rather than fileDataIDs.
- Fixed issue in Blender add-on that caused doodads to import slightly offset.
- Fixed issue that could cause alpha channel to be linked incorrectly in imported material shaders.
- Fixed issue that preventing pasting into a listfile search under some circumstances.

0.1.26 (09-02-2021)
- Added a 'Paste Selection' feature for selecting from clipboard input.
- Added a selection counter underneath listfiles.
- Fixed an issue with broken selection information appearing under the skin menu.

0.1.25 (27-01-2021)
- Added legacy fallback support for MDX/MDL files in old WMOs.
- Added a file count indicator under listfiles.
- Fix an issue with spaces being included in MTL material names.

0.1.24 (17-12-2020)
- Fixed missing escape slashes in regex guide tooltip.
- Fixed an issue that prevented exporting Classic WMOs with missing materials.
- Added a 3D grid to the model viewer (can be toggled on the sidebar).
- Added the 'Split Large Terrain Maps' options to settings.
- Added the 'Split Alpha Maps option to settings.
- Removed the 'Map Texture Split Threshold' option from settings.

0.1.23 (28-11-2020)
- Added a warning to the configuration screen for export directories that contain spaces.
- Added indicator for when regular expression searching is enabled with quick-guide tooltip.

0.1.22 (26-11-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented raw M2/skin exports.
- Fixed an issue with local user-defined listfiles not working without a wildcard.
- Fixed an issue that prevented exporting of cinematics that are locally corrupted.

0.1.21 (25-11-2020)
- Added new 'Text' tab which allows preview/exporting of subtitles, Lua, XML, HTML, config and more.
- Fixed an issue that prevented data tables from parsing on newest WoW builds.

0.1.20 (23-11-2020)
- Added expansion icons to the map exporter list.
- Added ability to cancel exports that are in-progress.
- Added verbose progress information for heavy export tasks (WMOs, ADTs, etc).
- Added 'Strip Whitespace From Copied Paths' option to settings.
- Fixed an issue exporting pre-baked map tiles that lack height textures. (example:
- Fixed an issue that caused the toast bar to disappear while an export was in progress.
- Fixed an issue with exported WMO objects having .obj prefixed MTL names.
- Fixed an issue that prevented BLTE from parsing data blocks correctly.
- Using the automatic Blender add-on installer now targets all installed versions of Blender on your system.
- Definitions for data tables are now automatically updated (update repository can be configured in settings).

0.1.19 (19-11-2020)
- Added 'Strip Whitespace From Export Paths' option to settings (enabled by default).
- Added the FileDataID field to ModelPlacementInformation CSV files.

0.1.18 (10-11-2020)
- Added 'Texture Alpha' option to model exporter, allowing binary control of texture transparency on models.
- Added geoset labels for new Shadowlands customization.
- Fixed issue that prevented wow.export from failing on corrupt game installations.

0.1.17 (25-10-2020)
- Added ability to export M2 meta data as .json (disabled by default).

0.1.16 (07-09-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented wow.export from working when launched from the start menu.

0.1.15 (16-08-2020)
- Fixed issue that caused wow.export to crash when registering large amounts of encryption keys.
- Exporting M2 models as RAW will now include related BLP files.
- Fixed inconsistency with whitespace in exported file paths (it is now always stripped).

0.1.14 (08-08-2020)
- The map viewer now supports selecting all tiles at once (Control + A).
- Added 'Include Holes' option, allowing map tiles to be exported without holes.

0.1.13 (30-07-2020)
- Added information tooltips to export control checkboxes.
- Added a 'View Log' button to the top-right navigation for quick access of the application log.
- Fixed issue that prevented mouse wheel navigation on listboxes from being accurate.

0.1.12 (23-07-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented Blender add-on from working on non-English Blender clients.
- Fixed issue that caused exported PNG files to be premultipled (black splotches).
- Added option to export game objects with map tiles (WIP, slightly broken).

0.1.11 (21-07-2020)
- Added 'Export .skin files' option for raw M2 exporting.
- Fixed issue that prevented some Classic WMOs from exporting correctly due to filename whitespace.
- Exported models now have proper material names instead of fileDataIDs.
- MTL material names are now prefixed with a non-numeric value for compatibility with Maya.

0.1.10 (19-07-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented doodad sets from exporting/previewing under certain circumstances.
- 3D model panning via W, A, S, D, Q, E keys implemented.
- Allow users to manually configure the map texture split threshold in configuration.
- Added 'Use Absolute Model Placement Paths' option.

0.1.9 (13-01-2020)
- 'Enable Shared Textures' now exports textures to their full path, rather than a unified directory.
- Added a 'Use Absolute MTL Paths' option in settings for Cinema 4D users.
- Added a 'Copy File Directories' setting which makes CTRL + C only copy file directories.
- Fixed issue that prevented exported WMOs with empty groups.
- Fixed issue that prevented some files from being available in remote mode.
- Fixed issue in Blender plugin that slowed down imports significantly.
- Fixed issue in Blender plugin where it would crash on models without materials.
- Fixed issue that prevented duplicate WMOs with different doodad sets from exporting on the same ADT tile.
- Fixed issue where there would be extremely visible lines in terrain textures.
- Fixed issue with ADTs failing to export due to bad/missing doodads and/or WMOs.
- The 'Open Export Directory' link after exporting has been replaced with 'View in Explorer' which opens the directory of the last exported item.

0.1.8 (11-01-2020)
- NPC variant textures can now be selected/exported for creature models.
- Game clients are now checked for unknown models/textures (listed as 'unknown_xxx').
- Foliage doodads can now be exported along with map tiles in the map exporter.
- Global map WMOs can now be exported for maps that contain them (such as Stormwind Stockade).
- Regular expressions can now be used for filtering (disabled by default, turn on in settings).
- Maps that contain the same WMO with differing doodad sets will no longer conflict.
- Exported models will now use a shared texture directory, dramatically reducing disk space used (can be disabled in settings).
- WMO doodads are now exported to their own relative directory, reducing overall disk space used.
- ADT doodads/WMOs are now exported to their own relative directory, reducing overall disk space used.
- Added settings option to disable file overwriting. Improves export speed but may cause issues between game versions.
- Added 'Auto Camera' checkbox under model control to disable automatic camera repositioning.
- Added 'Changelog' button to the top-right navigation, which displays this changelog.
- Fixed issue with faces/normals being incorrect on exported ADT meshes.
- Fixed issue that caused WMO exports to error if you switched to another model during export.
- Fixed texture files for exported WMOs incorrectly having alpha channels (transparency).
- Fixed issue that prevented certain models (and thus some map tiles) from exporting.

0.1.7 (04-01-2020)
- Users will now be prompted when a new version of the Blender add-on is available.
- Automatic installation of the Blender add-on now supports alpha/beta versions of Blender.
- Listfile source can now be configured to point to local listfiles.
- Added fallback to cached listfile if recent listfile fails to download.
- Fixed an issue that prevented recent local installations from appearing on the source selection screen.
- Fixed holes in exported terrain being slightly offset.
- Fixed terrain material name conflicts in Blender by using a unique name per tile.

0.1.6 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed crash when exporting modern ADTs.
- Fixed incorrect ADT WMO Blender import rotations.
- Reduce download/update size by compressing loading animation.

0.1.5 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed incorrect WMO-only Blender import doodad rotations.

0.1.4 (03-01-2020)
- Fixed issue that prevented encryption keys from properly updating.
- Fixed issue that caused map exporter to freeze on certain clients.

0.1.3 (02-01-2020)
- Initial public beta.


When I import models into Blender many textures are not invisible
Set the Alpha to "None" on the material node to ignore the alpha channel on the texture (image).

WoW.export gives a "Unable to initialize CASC" error
This can have several causes, including, but not limited to:
- (Local installation) Broken/outdated WoW installations, try running a repair in
- (CDN/online mode) Network/CDN issues, if available, use a local installation instead. If not, try selecting a different region.
- If you are behind the not-so-great firewall of China, go to Settings and change the URL in "Data Table Definition Repository" to (image).

Other issue? Tell us on Discord. Please share your runtime.log, you can find it by clicking here in WoW.export or in C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\wow.export\User Data\Default\.