Blizzard has started using hotfixes more and more over the years and are now becoming a vital part of WoW's architecture, as such, sites like WoWDB and Wowhead rely on the submissions of user data to fill their databases.
Support for hotfixes is added throughout as well, but to keep the data up to date I need a good amount of users regularly uploading hotfixes.
This is where you can help! I've put together an application that keeps an eye on WoW's hotfix/cache files and uploads them after you close WoW.

How to install/run the uploader:

  1. Download this ZIP (version
  2. Extract it in a place it can safely stay (no installer... yet)
  3. Run WoWTools.Uploader.exe once to configure it (you might need to run it as administrator)
  4. Enter your personal API token: You need to log in to to retrieve your personal API token!, if you don't fill this in the uploader will give 'Unauthorized' errors!
    Your UserID will be saved with the uploaded files to identify users sending in malformed/private server hotfixes.
  5. Enter your WoW directory if it's not already filled in
  6. Press check to check if the directory is correct
  7. Choose whether or not you want the uploader to run at startup. This is recommended as it'll upload automatically after WoW closes.
  8. If you want to do so, you can choose to upload in-game data gathered by the WoWDB Profiler/Wowhead Looter addon.
    This data contains your character name and realm. While not used by, this is still included as the uploader does not modify any files.
  9. Press Save, the app will restart and move to tray


To update an existing installation, simply download the above ZIP file and extract it over your current installation.

Manual uploads

To do manual uploads, you can right click the icon and choose which WoW client you want to upload data for. wow is retail WoW, wowt is PTR and so forth.

Bug reports/feature requests>

Bug reports/feature requests are very welcome via the regular channels listed at the bottom of the FAQ, I've only tested the application with a handful of people so there might still be issues.

Open source

The hotfix uploader is open-source and can be found on GitHub.